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From apparel and artwork, to gift baskets, and of course wine, you’ll love our wine store! Browse around and choose your favorite wine; we even sell beautiful wine glasses to complement your new wine! For nearly four decades Naylor Wines has been perfecting its wine selection so you can be assured of quality and delicious taste. While you’re shopping, take a moment to check out all the benefits of our Wine Club!

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Featured Items
Blueberry Blaze - ON SALE!
When the grape and the berry cross paths, sometimes something magical happens. The vibrant color and fresh fruitiness of the grape pairs perfectly with the bold, sweet essence of the blueberry. We blended the two together to allow each fruit to shine and exhibit its own characteristics. Not to sweet, not too dry but bursting with distinct blueberry flavor atop a core of grapey goodness. REGULAR PRICE $15.95
Color: Red
Size: 750mL
Price Each: $13.55

Redemption - ON SALE!
The backbone of this blend comes from the Cabernet Franc grape: A respected Bordeaux varietal known for itís soft tannins, mild acidity, aromatic nose and fruity flavor. These characteristics are paired perfectly with Cabernet Francís bolder brother, Cabernet Sauvignon. The Cabernet Sauvignon is known for having sharper tannins and a deeper red, almost purple appearance. This combination adds a new level of structure and balance. After the Cabernet base of the wine was secured, we added a few more varietals to enhance and perfect. Chambourcin provided a big berry flavor element and a vivacious red color profile. Shiraz was then mixed in for its distinct hearty and peppery spiced tones. Finally we sealed the blend off with Petit Verdot; a grape known for its dense, deep color, and uniform tannins. We then bottled the blend and allowed it to rest in the bottle. Days, weeks and months passed, and as they did, the aromas and flavors and colors and textures softly and slowly began to marry into one another. This created a matured, balanced, delicious red wine. This created Redemption. REGULAR PRICE $18.95
Color: Red
Size: 750mL
Price Each: $16.10

York White Rose - ON SALE!
Proudly heralding its name from the Battle of the Roses, York White Rose is a lovely blend of three white grapes we grow here at Naylor's Vineyard. Seyval, Vidal, and Cayuga come together, each showcasing their own unique personalities to create this dry, white, Chablis styled wine. The aroma is fresh, lively, and fruit forward. The flavor is crisp, steely, and full of light citrus notes. The medium body makes a perfect pairing for a number of dishes, and the finish is cool and refreshing. REGULAR PRICE $14.95
Color: White
Size: 750mL
Price Each: $12.70

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